Bento Boxes Melbourne, the Revolution

Do you want to carry healthy and varied meals to your school or workplace? Or are you counting the calories you eat for lunch? Then you ought to use the bento boxes in Melbourne as your lunch box! The origin of the Bento box can be traced to Japan where Japanese women used to lovingly cook traditional meals for their spouses and children and used to pack them in what was called as the bento box.

Increased Popularity Bento Boxes in Melbourne

Today, the concept of the bento box has spread across Melbourne and they have become hugely popular for a number of reasons. There are several online and offline stores that stock a variety of these boxes with being one of the popular among the whole lot. Katachiwareoffers a variety of bento boxes in different designs and made from different materials.

Capacity & Purpose

While purchasing the bento box there are certain points to be kept in mind. The capacity of the bento box and the purpose for which it is required are two main factors that will decide the type of the box you purchase. If it is to be used for picnics then a larger capacity will be required as against the one that will be used as a lunch box.

Physical Aspects          

The bento box comprises of a single layer or has two layered compartments and the insides of the box are divided into different sections which are closed by tight lids. This prevents the spilling or overflow of the food items from one section to the other. The lunch-box is maintained by a fastening belt. Moreover, most of the boxes are microwave or dishwasher safe and this makes the heating and washing task easier. A lot of accessories that go very well with the bento box such as decorative picks, dividers, pretty cutters, sauce bottles etc are available in the market.

Varied Benefits

There are several benefits to be gained through the purchase of a bento box in addition to obtaining healthy and varied meals for lunch-time. They are not at all difficult to maintain and can be washed easily in the dishwasher or can be wiped clean. The box acts as a motivator to small kids to eat all the colourful and healthy food-stuff that is packed in their lunch box. Since the box has dividers with tight lids the food items remain the way they were packed without the occurrence of spillage or mix-up between the food items. The lunch, therefore looks very appetizing to the kids and guarantees that they eat all the items in minimum time. You can apportion the food items comprising the meal in the bento box ensuring that the recipient does not gorge on any extra food. This is highly useful to individuals who are on a weight loss program as they can plan their calorie requirements for lunch times through the bento box. Another advantage of the compartments is that it eliminates the need for plastic wraps for keeping the food items separated from one another. This eventually goes to reduce the landfill piles in the region.   All in all, the bento box revolution in  Melbourneis a real boon to all individuals who want to eat wise and feed healthy.