Bamboo Japanese Lunch Box

Bamboo Japanese Lunch Box
Bamboo Bento Box Set
Bamboo Japanese Bento Box
Bamboo Bento Box

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Bamboo Japanese Lunch Box is a sophisticated way of serving your Japanese inspired cuisine for the whole family. They are widely used in Japan for special occasions, parties or events and partially made from sustainable bamboo wood and plant derived adhesives. They are also is used for breakfasts in ryokans which are traditional bed and breakfasts and in Japanese hotels.

The rectangular bamboo Japanese Lunch Box features a red and black six part compartments to keep your food separated.  Durable insert which is made from ABS and is finished with a Melamine coating to keep its gloss for many years to come.

The durable bamboo base and lid can be hand washed and should have a coating of food grade oils applied regularly to keep its original texture. The insert is durable and easy to clean with a damp soapy cloth.

When purchasing more than one set the bento box is stack-able for convenient serving and storage. Sets including serving tray, chop sticks, soup bowl with lid and sushi stands are also available: Bento Box Sets

The base and lid are made from biodegradable bamboo and the red and black six compartment insert is made from ABS with a lacquer to keep its gloss. Size is 327mm x 270mm and can also be purchased as a set.



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