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Japanese Bento Box Australia

Suppliers of Japanese Style Bento Box Australia

Katachiware Japanese Style Bento Boxes Australia. We deliver to Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart or Darwin. Australia wide delivery for both commercial and personal use bento boxes.

Established in 2004, Katachiware has built a reputtion in specialising in distributing Japanese style bamboo, reacquired and ABS Japanese style tableware. With our office located in Melbourne, Victoria. We offer efficient and reliable service and guarantee high quality products at competitive prices.

We originally built this business around a personal hobby of collecting bento boxes from both Japan and Korea. What started as an obsession turned into a business within a matter of years. Bento boxes were hard to source in Australia and after several years of negotiation with various suppliers we established a long lasting relationship which is still strong.

Quality Guarantee

Quality is of the upmost importance, bento box styles are thoroughly tested for durability, strength and most important style. Many bento boxes don't make the cut so we only select the best available.

Quality is of the upmost importance, we thoroughly check all stock while unpacking and re-packing for delivery. Recycled packaging is used where possible and we ensure that our transport company are well aware that the products being delivered are to be handled with care.

We never stop developing and adding new products to our bento range. We strive to help customers shorten their sourcing and buying process while enhancing quality control and transport operation.

Our staff is at your service, and their knowledge of foreign languages includes English, Indonesian, Japanese and Malaysian. They can cater to our customers' individual needs and processes.

Katachiware strictly observes international trade rules and regulations, and we believe in honest trade practice. In addition, we also believe in high-efficiency business management principles.

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