Bento Box Onigiri Rice Balls

Bento Box Onigiri Rice Balls | The Bento box is a healthy and balanced meal option for all people on the go whether they are students or office-goers. The box is packed with distinct food constituents among whom the primary ingredient is rice. Several rice preparations go into the bento box such as plain steamed rice,Onigiri rice ball shapes, fried rice, Takikomigohan or Omurice. This article discusses everything about the Onigiri rice ball preparation.

Bento Box Onigiri Rice Balls

Bento Box Onigiri Rice Balls

Type of Rice Most Suited for Onigiri

Onigiri rice balls is a highly popular food item in Japan and the rice most suited for its preparation is called the ‘Koshihikari’. This is short-grained rice and can be found in all the main supermarkets in Australia or at any Asian or Japanese grocery store. The brand of rice to be asked for is named ‘Sun rice’.

The Koshihikari type of rice ensures that the cooked rice comes out cohesive, sticking together and this form is needed for preparing Onigiri.

Making of the Onigiri

It is very simple to shape into onigiri balls provided the rice has been cooked well. You simply have to wet your hands and squeeze the cooked rice into balls with the palm of your hands. Three shapes are normally given to the rice balls and they are round, triangular or cylindrical.

If you do not like using hands then you use molds which are available in all the above mentioned three shapes. These can be obtained from any Asian or Japanese store. You need to wet the mold before filling it with the cooked rice mixture.

Sometimes the cooked rice is loosened and kept in specific wooden containers termed the ‘ohitsu’. The extra moisture is absorbed and the rice is prevented from remaining soggy.

Seasonings & Fillings to Add to the Taste

There are several seasonings available in the market that goes towards enhancing the taste of the rice balls. Sometimes, though the mere sprinkling of salt and wrapping the rice balls with nori seaweed is also good enough for the eaters. The varied seasonings can be mixed into the rice while it is still hot after being cooked. The residual warmth of the rice is sufficient to steam the dry ingredients of the seasoning adding to its taste and flavor. The ‘Furikake’ form of seasoning is just sprinkled on the top though. Some of the popular flavors include Daikon leaves, Tuna Mayo, Pickled plum and more.

One more way to heighten the flavor and taste of the rice balls is to fill them withUmbeshi pickled plum, Salmon Soboro, Bonito flakes, salted and grilled fish like salmon etc. You can find varied and one of kind fillings at any convenience store.

Popular Variations of Onigiri

There are several recipes which are popular variations of the Onigiri like YakiOnigiri. You can use Miso butter for this recipe. The rice balls need to be applied some amount of sweetened miso while being grilled or fried.

Storing the Onigiri

If the Bento Box Onigiri Rice Balls has been made with your hands then it has to be consumed within the same day. However,the shelf life of the onigiri increases if it is wrapped in a cling wrap. You can put these in a Ziploc freezer pouch and store it in the refrigerator for several days.