Healthy Bento Boxes – Powerful, Slimmer You

Healthy Bento Boxes - One means to power your way to a slimmer you is by using a bento box! The concept of the bento box has now become quite familiar to people across the world yet it's good to refresh one’s knowledge about them and how they can help.

Healthy Bento Boxes

Healthy Bento Boxes

The world has been enriched with knowledge of nutrition and diet secrets through one or the other culture and the bento box which has originated from the Japanese culture takes a place of importance in this context. The bento box’s example has given a great push to the wholesome meal concept which is a diet containing the essential ingredients of a balanced meal. The issue of eating a balanced meal is largely restricted among the people today due to the time factor. Individuals often wake up late and need to rush to work and in the process forget to adhere to nutrient rich food meals. Restaurants and drive-thru takeaways often become a vital factor in their lives leading to larger incidences of obesity or being overweight among the individuals of today!

Bento boxes are one of the means to home-cooked power bowls that pack up healthy meals in very less times. An essential item of Japanese cuisine, the bento box is a lunch box with compartments which helps to pack different food items without them getting mixed up. These hold good for any diet and you can make your own bento with your specific favorites that will lead to a good health.

The contents of a Japanese bento box typically include rice, meat or fish, veggies, fruits, pickle or a dessert. The food is arranged in an attractive manner to make it visually appealing besides including all the essential nutrients of a balanced diet. The four to five compartments with some being sealed and others open help to hold solid food items as well as liquids like sauces or soups. How is all this related to weight loss, you may ask? Firstly, the many compartments in the bento box offer an opportunity to pack varied food items of your choice and secondly the compartments are relatively small and hence they come with inbuilt portion control. You just cannot pack a huge heap of rice into the largest compartment of your bento box. It will not work!

However, the mere fact of having a multitude of compartments does not go towards reducing your weight. You have to adhere to a nutritious menu alongside if you want any obvious difference to your weight. Inclusion of potato chips, sour cream dip and a brownie for a dessert into the varied compartments of your bento box will prove futile in your quest for attaining weight loss.

You need to make use of the varied compartments wisely; use the larger ones for packing veggies and the smaller ones for carbohydrates and this will definitely enable you to shed off the pounds from your body faster. Keeping your food items bright and colorful by inclusion of cherry tomatoes, red radishes and varied fruit slices will not only make your bento box appealing but also go towards adding to the nutrient quotient.

Be creative with your Healthy Bento Boxes, be thoughtful as you pack your bento box and get the benefit of its healthy meals!