How to Pack a Great Bento Lunch Box

Bento Lunch Box

Bento Lunch Box

Bento lunch boxes have become a popular substitute to a bagged lunch for the office. Bento offers an easy and convenient option for carrying a neatly packed lunch on the go and this is one of the main reasons contributing to its increased popularity.

The idea of packing a bento lunch box may seem a little overwhelming at first but with a little practice the task becomes easier and very fulfilling.

Following are five tips that will guide you to packing a great bento luch box.

Begin with the best suited bento lunch box container

There are hordes of bento boxes on sale in varying shapes, sizes, features and prices. You should know what you want so that you can choose the right container. One of the essential must-haves with regard to bento is a secure and leak-proof lid. This will enable you to carry soups and stews without the danger of them leaking through the container and messing your bag.  Another thing to consider is whether you need a flat or a cylindrical bento which has compartments stacked one above the other. Additionally, you should also decide on the number of compartments you will need for your bento which can be done by selecting the right accessories.

Choose the right accessories

There are a variety of accessories that add to the ease of packing your bento lunch. Food dividers, silicone cups are just to name a few in this context while spoons, chopsticks, forks, mini skewers are some accessories that add to the ease of eating your bento lunch.

Special bento containers are available for carrying stews or soups for lunch. You can buy these accessories from traditional supermarkets or online stores which hold a wide and varied stock.

Wood Bento Boxes

Wood Bento Boxes

Little planning is all that is needed

You can easily prepare a healthy bento lunch if you plan ahead. If you already have a weekly plan in place for your dinners then your task is made easier. You just need to increase your evening meal portions and lo! The leftovers go towards your bento lunch for the next day.

Balance nutrition with aesthetics

Ensure that your bento holds right proportion of food nutrients like proteins, carbs, vegetables, fruit and dairy. Compartmentalise your bento lunch box with the help of dividers and pack the varied food items neatly into each section of the box. Alongside the nutritional aspect you can add a dash of color to your bento by including colorful fruit or veggies. Be creative with your recipes and this will heighten the appeal of your bento lunch. It's good idea to pack your food items tight within the bento as that will reduce the chances of them moving inside the box. Use of skewers and dividers will make this task easier.

Packing a Bento Lunch Box Summary

Packing a bento lunch box is a lot easier than you think. Moreover, you need not restrict the contents to Japanese cuisine. You can get creative and make your own food recipes that will be healthy and colorful at the same time.Follow the above guidelines and pack a bento lunch that will be perfect in every sense!

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