Bento Box Lunch Times Made Delightful

Bento Box Lunch Times Made Delightful | Bento box has its origins in Japan where making beautifully packaged lunch is considered a ritual. The meal chosen may be simple but it is arranged in such an attractive manner in conveniently designed lunch boxes that it turns into a culinary art. Today, the concept of the bento box has spread across the world and is being increasingly used to replace brown paper packaged lunches.

Bento Box Lunch Times Made Delightful

Bento Box Lunch Times Made Delightful

Bento box comes in varied shapes and sizes and differing designs. It can be oval, square or round; single tiered or multi-tiered and is made of melamine, stainless steel, bamboo or food gradable plastic. There are compartments within the box to allow for differentiating the food items while packing and ensuring the absence of any spill-over. Traditionally the bento box used to contain rice, meat or fish and seaweed; however, today people have gone creative and create a variety of food that can be packed into the bento. The box is non-leaching and can be cleaned easily and used for several years together. You can also obtain a carrying bag to match your bento along with a water bottle too.

The bento boxes have names like Mr. Bento, Ms. Bento to indicate the quantity of food contents that can be fitted inside. Mr. Bento is meant for the male adult and includes a lunch jar which has three to four inside bowls and a vertical plate that holds them together. This lunch box goes vertical rather than offering a horizontal compartmentalized spread in the box. Ms. Bento is similar but holds lesser quantity and is more feminine in looks. There are options in bento boxes suited to babies and toddlers too. It is termed as the bento set comprising two sized bowls with lids, utensils, mug and a bento box which has non leaching lids. These have a great appearance and are an excellent option for use at preschools, day care centers or other places where you need to carry food for your baby. At the other extreme there are bigger sized bento boxes which are apt for day picnics or any other lunch event.

Kids and adults alike can use the bento box and make lunch-times a delightful affair. Bento making offers several advantages such as ensuring portion control, consuming nutritious and healthier lunches, generating lesser food waste, enabling left overs to be used creatively for being packed into the bento and lastly making all co-workers and friends envious.

The food within the bento box need not be elaborate but using lots of colors and shaping the food items creatively goes a long way to enhance its appeal. Hard boiled eggs can take the form of animals or fish, a hotdog turns into an octopus or colorful faces churn out from a combination of rice and seaweed. The meal inside the bento can be the one of your choice; vegan, raw, gluten-free, paleo and so on. You can prepare your bento centered on a theme such as Easter Bentos, Halloween Bentos, Christmas Bentos etc and make lunches of your loved ones very appetizing.

Use the bento box and make your lunch time an event to be waited for!