Bamboo Bento Boxes

Bamboo Bento Boxes

Bamboo Bento Boxes are a sustainable and elaborate way of preparing meals at home for the whole family. Widely used in Japan and other countries as they are partially hand made made from renewable sources of bamboo wood and plant derived adhesives. Free from chemicals or heavy metals. The red and black insert is made from ABS with a Melamine coating to keep its gloss for many years to come.

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The middle tray includes six partitions which allows you to put a variety of food into one serving, enough space to include lunch or dinner for one person or it can be shred among many.

The Bamboo Bento Boxes are available on their own or you can purchase a full set including a bento box for one person, serving tray to keep everything organised, chop sticks to eat with, soup bowl with lid and to top it off a sushi stand.

For best care, hand washing with warm soap is recommended and occasional oiling of bamboo with a food grade oil will help to keep them looking new. Not to be used in microwave and should not be cleaned in a dish washer.